We don’t just sell bottles,
we sell the stories behind them.

'Each drop of your bottle contains a millennium of enriching stories results in great aroma and fine-tuned hype that make your golden moments auspicious and memorable like a Matso'- gospel

What makes us stick

Marketing strategy

In Matso we use the aid of technology and expertise for each and every step of decision making.


We take great care in choosing the royal brands for your special moments.

Trusted Partners

The world's top distillery brands come to you via us.


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Celebrate Life

Don't just celebrate the festival, commit to making the most of each moment, so that your journey becomes a festival of life.

Alcohols are social lubes, drink slowly, eat before or while you drink, avoid drinking games.

You can grab a cup from our range that are not only the best in the class, but trustworthy as a companion that refreshes your soul like a Matso.

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Rum can be aged anywhere from one year upwards. Aging rum can add additional complexity to its flavour and mouthfeel.


“I strongly believe that there is no shortcut to success. The utmost importance is always placed on customer satisfaction".

"We're still a growing company, but we don't compromise our values and ethics to achieve our success"

“Our vision is to deliver premium products to our clients through national and international collaborations. We continue to co-operate with new clients for successful associations.”